My favourite iPhone apps

I have to say I am an official app addict!! There’s a few I’m using frequently right now and loving. But…. no matter what, nothing is ever perfect and I’ve spotted some room for improvement….

Guardian News

I’m rubbish at keeping up with the latest news, and usually just grab the Metro to skim read the headlines on my way to work. So I actively searched online for an app that was easy to use and allowed me to read the news that I wanted. The Guardian was recommended, and after using it this week I have to agree that it was worth £2.39 of my hard earned money.

I love that you can browse through headlines or choose to search by categories including fashion, technology, world news, travel etc etc. The interface and navigation are easy to use and I really like the scrolling image gallery. It also integrates Facebook Connect so, once signed in, I can share stories with my network. Loverlllyyy! Now I’m starting to convert my friends and family….


The Fonejacker app is Awesome! Now you can host your own prank calls using character voices from the show, record on your phone and email to friends. This feature could be improved if, using voice recognition, you could personalise the calls by recording your own sentences. I also think they’re missing a trick by not having the option to share the audio file on Facebook or other social network.

It’s great to have the back catalog of DVD content, without the long loading times to view clips. And you can choose to buy merchandise and DVDs direct from the app, linking out to Amazon. Smart.

Ringdings section is where you can claim your free ringtone – however the user experience means you would probably email yourself to receive the link but then never actually download to your phone. It would be sooo much better if you could download a ringtone to your phone in one click.

One other major point in my mind is why apps don’t provide a constant feedback facility? I know you can rate and add comments in iTunes but you’re only prompted to do this at certain stages i.e. if you delete the app. Anyway, some things to ponder for the upgrade version…


I love listening to music on my way to work, an interview, to meet friends, to run etc etc. I love streaming music and I really like swapping playlists with my friends on Spotify. Which is why I decided to upgrade my Spotify account to the mobile version and finally get rid of my old iPod…

On the way to work I look forward to listening to my new dubstep playlist and escape into a music haven, when I lose connection on the train…how frustrating! I know you can download offline playlists but there has to be an easier way then selecting each playlist to download over wifi. Plus it drains the life out of your battery!


Take a photo of your mate, click one button to Fatbooth them, laugh then share on Facebook and tag. Simple, quick, slick concept that works and is viral. Even if it is throw away entertainment, it makes me smile every time. Also try the Zombiebooth app which is a similar concept but this time it creates a zombie animation which bites your finger if you touch the screen. Nice ‘touch’ 😉

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