Eat Pray Love SCVNGR

I’m anticipating with HUGE excitement the UK movie release of Eat, Pray, Love. I recently read the book on my global travels and it totally inspired me whilst I was writing my travel blog. It’s the kind of book you pass on to your girls as it really warms the heart.

The film launched in the US on Friday so I got curious and started to have a play with Sony Picture’s website. There are a couple of nice pieces of content which appeal to the target audience…like me!

Namely, the interactive trailer – they’ve used simple icons so you can rollover to find out more about the characters and film locations etc. It’s not the greatest interactive video but at least they’ve tried to do something interesting…

You can also experience your own journey on SCVNGR where Sony challenge you to live the Eat, Pray, Love lifestyle and earn points. Unfortunately it’s only available for US! BUT I’m the first of my friends to sign up so it gives me social currency that I’ve found something new. SCVNGR is like FourSquare but not so Square, you can add photos of your location, set your own challenges and bump phones to check in with your friends. Also Google made an investment in SCVNGR in 2009 so I recon it’s got legs…

The site also persuades you to join the fun on Facebook, so I did. They’ve got some cute apps where you can send Gifts to your friends, join a conversation on where you’d like to go on a year off or share your favourite places to ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ with your friends, so I did. I shared ‘Smiths of Clerkenwell’ for ‘Eat’ and my friend was having a meal there when I posted so it was relevant for him, and maybe for other friends in my network. Does it start a conversation (kind of), will it entice my girly mates to click through and engage (who knows?). I also like (but didn’t play) the games on offer – word search and sudoku – maybe if I had more time I’d play or if there was a chance to win cinema tickets for me and my mates.

Overall, I like the campaign, there are certain things I can’t interact with being from the UK but that’s ok. I believe most people that read the book may also be interested in traveling. Perhaps they could have enabled people to share their own emotional travel stories. I guess not everyone is fortunate enough to see the world, or have a special experience on holiday, so they asked people to share stories from a local perspective.

Anyway, it still warms my cockles and I’ll probably cry when I see the film. Not only because it’s a nice story, or that I’m a wuss, but also because it will take me back to my care free travel days. I just need to convince my boyfriend to take me now 😉

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