Old Spice Real Time Ads

Everyone is going crazy for the Old Spice guy at the moment. And this is how P&G did it.

Take one hunky former NFL player, Isaiah Mustafa.

Create a 30 second ad filmed in a single tracking shot. And win the coveted Grand Prix in the film category at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival.

Evolve the campaign by leveraging social media, in real time. Send Mr Old Spice a message and wait to be the chosen few rewarded with a short, personalised video in response.

One guy asked Mr Spice to propose to his girlfriend and the video was posted within an hour!

And it’s lead to inspired co-creations like the Voicemail generator.

I like that Old Spice are being brave, listening to fans and giving back control to have fun with their brand, and it’s also pretty inspiring that they can create well produced, personalised video advertising in ‘real time’ speed. This is how their doing it.

What’s considered to be a grandad’s aftershave just became cool again.

Ah, the power of advertising….

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Foursquare – gaming, sales & loyalty

The location based social web and mobile app. Connect to your network and update your location by checking in at venues, and gain social kudos by collecting badges (soon to be customisable) and aspire to be the mayor. A few examples of how brands are currently using Foursquare…

Domino’s Pizza has reported a 29% surge in pre-tax profits to £17.5m, buoyed by a strong performance from e-commerce sales and attributed its link-up with Foursquare as key to its recent performance. This web-based activity has afforded the dual benefit of “driving pizza sales” and “building customer loyalty”.

Jimmy Choo’s first social media campaign on Foursquare (and perhaps the first treasure hunt on Foursquare?). A pair of Jimmy Choo’s new trainers will check into some of the most exclusive and fashionable places in London, if you can track them down and catch them while still checked in at a venue, then they are yours. Cute idea.

Starbucks have used the platform to test out its experimental rewards program. Frequent Starbucks customers who check in at retail locations using Foursquare will be earning themselves customer rewards.

Nike Grid runners registered on the website for a unique runner code, then raced to conquer different points in a series of maps (designating North, South, East and West London). Payphones across the city were used as check-in points before and after each run. With the opportunity to win Foursquare badges and random prizes.

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Google Social Search

Find relevant public content from your broader social circle with Google Social Search. I like the idea of being able to search for a friend’s blog or the latest social activity for a particular brand..think it’s been a long time coming!

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Food is art

I was mooching around Borough market the other day and spotted a guy selling food landscape photographs, so I got chatting. Carl Warner is so talented, he makes models of popular landscapes out of food and photographs his stunning work in a studio. Some brands have realised his potential and commissioned work for their campaigns. Inspiring stuff.

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YouTube HTML5 app

YouTube recently updated their video site to be HTML5 compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones. This is surely to shake up the app market as more and more brands make one version of their app that is handset neutral. Apple may no longer have a leadership in the app market…

HTML5 Website Gallery for reference

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GoogleMe social network

It’s rumoured that Google plan to launch GoogleMe, a new social network to take on Facebook. Considering Facebook has connected over 500 million people its going to be no mean feat. And Facebook’s privacy laws make it a legal minefield to encourange users to switch. This article takes the view that openess is key to Google’s success.

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Twitter launch ads

New business model for promoted tweets

Twitter in a nutshell – microblogging in 140 characters

OWNED: @(name) = Twitter profile name / network of followers and following (change photo/tweet?)
ADVOCATES: RT@(name) = share favourite tweets with your network (reward best retweet?)
GROUP CONVERSATIONS: #(name) = topic of interest / track and trend (reward tracked conversation?)

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